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Vibhas Madan, PhD

Dean; R. John Chapel, Jr. Dean's Chair, Professor


Headshot of Vibhas Madan

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 1220


Vibhas Madan, PhD, professor of economics, was appointed dean of Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business in December 2020 after serving as interim dean since November 2019. He joined the Dean’s Office in July 2018 as senior associate dean for academic programs. Prior to that, he served as the head of the Economics Department and then as the founding director of the School of Economics, which was launched as a new school within the College in 2013.

His research focuses on international trade theory with an emphasis on trade policy and multinational firms. His work has been published in many academic journals, including Canadian Journal of Economics, International Trade Journal, Journal of Quantitative Economics, Journal of Economic Integration and Review of International Economics. He has also published articles on price discounts and consumer behavior in Journal of Business Research and Journal of Product and Brand Management.

Madan has received several teaching awards, including the College of Business Teaching Award and the Executive MBA teaching Award. He serves on the board of the Global Interdependence Center. Dr. Madan received his PhD in Economics from Michigan State University in 1989.

Areas of Expertise

  • International Trade
  • Economics/Managerial Economics

Recent Media Mentions

Selected Works


Kumar, V., Madan, Vibhas, and Srinivasan, Srini S., Price Discounts or Coupon Promotions: Does it Matter?. Journal of Business Research 57 (Fall 2004):933-941.

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Madan, Vibhas, The Structure of Intra-firm Trade and Endogenous Transfer Prices. Canadian Journal of Economics 33 (Sep 2000):53-68.

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Madan, Vibhas, Transfer Prices, Tariffs, and Content Restrictions. Review of International Economics 6 (Sep 1998):625-637.


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Presented Research

Madan, Vibhas, and Srinivasan, Srini S., Prices vs Coupons: An Analysis of Sales Expansion Schemes, American Marketing Association: Austin, TX, (Jan 1998):

Madan, Vibhas, Multinationals and Market Disruption, Pennsylvania Economic Association: Bethlehem, PA, (Sep 1991):


Madan, Vibhas, Transfer Prices and the Under-Invoicing of Intermediate Imports, Pennsylvania Economic Association Nov 00-1. (Sep 1992):

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Madan, Vibhas, Multinationals and Market Disruption, Pennsylvania Economic Association Nov 00-1. (Sep 1991):


PhD Economics - Michigan State University 1989
MA Economics - University of Delhi 1985
BA Economics - University of Delhi 1983