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Wenjing Shen, PhD

Associate Professor

Decision Sciences and MIS

Headshot of Wenjing Shen

Gerri C. LeBow Hall 735


Wenjing Shen is an Associate Professor of Operations Management. Dr. Shen’s research focuses on the interfaces of marketing and operations management and supply chain management. She uses analytical models to demonstrate the importance of taking consumer reactions into consideration while making supply chain decisions. Her research has been published in Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Omega, Computers and Operations Research, among others. She currently serves as the editorial board member for Production and Operations Management, book review editor for Interfaces, and associate editor for Omega.

Areas of Expertise

  • Inventory Control
  • Interface with Marketing; Pricing Revenue Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production/Operations Management

Selected Works


Li, Jun, Shen, Wenjing, Liao, Yi, Cai, Gangshu, and Chen, Xiangfeng, The Fulfillment Service in Online Marketplaces. European Journal of Operational Research (Forthcoming).

Sun, Yaqin, Shen, Wenjing, Li, Jiacan, and Liao, Yi, Competition in Remanufacturing with Asymmetric Demand Information. Sustainability (Forthcoming).

Tu, Yan, Zhao, Ying, Li, Zongmin, Liu, Liyi, and Shen, Wenjing, Regional flood resilience grading based on GEM-AHPSort II method: An objective and managerial factors integrated perspective. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Jul 2023).

Wang, Weiting, Liao, Yi, and Shen, Wenjing, The impact of online anti-counterfeiting on channel structure and pricing decisions. Sustainability Journal (May 2023).

Zhong, Yuyun, Shen, Wenjing, and Ceryan, Oben, Information Provision under Showrooming and Webrooming. OMEGA (Jan 2023).

Liao, Yi, Li, Jun, Hu, Xinxin, Li, Ying, and Shen, Wenjing, Application of Lateral Transshipment in Cost Reduction of Decentralized Systems. Sustainability Journal (Jun 2020).

Li, Ying, Liao, Yi, Hu, Xinxin, and Shen, Wenjing, Lateral Transshipment with Partial Request and Random Switching. OMEGA (Apr 2020).

Zhou, Rui, Liao, Yi, Shen, Wenjing, and Yang, Shilei, Channel Selection and Fulfillment Service Contracts in the Presence of Asymmetric Service Information. International Journal of Production Economics (Apr 2020).

Ping, Yanni, Shen, Wenjing, and Lev, Benjamin, Group Buying through Buyback Contract. International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (IJOQM) (Year 2019).

Samantli, Gulay, Shen, Wenjing, and Hu, Xinxin, The Impact of Consumer Loss Aversion on Returns Policies and Supply Chain Coordination. International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems 9 (Dec 2018).

Tu, Yan, Zhou, Xiaoyang, Gang, Jun, Xu, Jiuping, Shen, Wenjing, and Lev, Benjamin, Hierarchical Supplier Selection optimization with Multiple Items in Large-scale Construction Projects. Journal of Infrastructure Systems 23 (Sep 2017).

Li, Zongmin, Xu, Jiuping, Shen, Wenjing, Lev, Benjamin, and Lei, Xiao, Bi-level Multi-objective Construction Site Security Planning with Twofold Random Phenomenon. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization 11 (Year 2015):595-617.

Gang, Jun, Tu, Yan, Xu, Jiuping, Lev, Benjamin, Shen, Wenjing, and Yao, Liming, A Multi-Objective Bi-level Location Selection Problem for Stone Industrial Park. Computers & Operations Research 56 (Apr 2015):8-21.

Liao, Yi, Shen, Wenjing, Hu, Xinxin, and Yang, Shilei, Response to Stockout: Lateral transshipment versus Emergency Order Policies. OMEGA 49 (Year 2014):79-92.

Kowalski, K, Lev, Benjamin, Shen, Wenjing, and Tu, Yan, A Fast and Simple Branching Algorithm for Solving Small Scale Fixed-Charge Transportation Problem. Operations Research Perspectives 1 (Jul 2014):1-5.

Shen, Wenjing, Duenyas, Izak, and Kapuscinski, Roman, Optimal Pricing, Production, and Inventory for New Product Diffusion Under Supply Constraints. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (Winter 2014).

Adlakha, Veena, Kowalski, Krysztof, Wang, Simi, Lev, Benjamin, and Shen, Wenjing, On Approximation of the Fixed Charge Transportation Problem. OMEGA 43 (Mar 2014):64-70.

Xu, Jiuping, Li, Zongmin, Shen, Wenjing, and Lev, Benjamin, Multi-attribute comprehensive evaluation of individual research output based on published research papers. Knowledge-Based Systems 43 (Mar 2013):135-142.

Shen, Wenjing, Examining Double Marginalization Effect for Innovative Product Supply Chain. International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems 3 (Fall 2012):37-52.

Shen, Wenjing, Duenyas, Izak, and Kapuscinski, Roman, New product diffusion decisions under supply constraints. Management Science 57 (Oct 2011):1802-1810.


PhD Operations and Management Science-University of Michigan 2008
BE Management Information System-Tsinghua University 2001


2015 Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award (LeBow College of Business)
2014 Junior Teaching Award (LeBow College of Business)
2013 Excellence in Research Award (LeBow College of Business)
2011 Best Reviewer Award (Omega)
2011 Excellence in Research Award (LeBow College of Business)


Sustainability – Guest Editor (2022)
omega – Associate Editor (2019–2022)
omega – Associate Editor (2018)
Interfaces – Member (2017)
Omega – Associate Editor (2017)
Production and Operations Management – Member (2017)