Approving Graduate Job Market Profiles

When a graduate student’s profile is marked as ready for review a couple things happen.

  • An email is sent to
  • Their profile is added to a counter that the career services team can see on the website

To review a profile from the email:

  • Click on the person’s name
  • Click edit from the top of the screen or login if you are done so
  • Review the information and make any changes needed
  • Once profile is determined it’s ready to go live change the workflow to Approved and click save

To view the list of profiles needing review and to review them:

  • Log into the website
  • At the top of the screen will be a link to Graduate profiles with a count of those needing review above
    *this will not be visible when no profiles are in a need review state
    Grad Profiles indicator
    • This page lists all profiles currently in review to edit the profile simply click “Graduate” under Operations
      List of profiles in review

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