Creating and Updating Biosketches

Biographical sketches are submitted through the FARE module in the LeBow Intranet. Like research, your biosketch populates to your LeBow Web Profile. The biosketch functionality is only available to full-time faculty. Follow these steps to create or update your biosketch.

  1. Log into Intranet
  2. Click the FARE app.
  3. Click ‘Web Profile’ under the Manage section.
  4. Click ‘Create/Edit Bio’
  5. Follow the examples/guidelines set by the College while writing your biosketch.
  6. Click ‘Save bio’.

Your biosketch is now saved to your FARE profile and will populate to your LeBow Web Profile. Any updates/changes may take time to appear on your Web Profile. If the updates do not appear after 24 hours, please contact

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