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Creating Group Assignments in Bb LEARN

When using the “Groups” tool in Blackboard LEARN, it is possible to set up assignment dropboxes that will allow one submission per group. Once a student from a group has submitted, the dropbox will close to other members of the group to prevent multiple submissions.

Additionally, when grading group assignments in LEARN, final scores will populate automatically in the Grade Center for all members of the group. Any feedback also becomes available to all members of the group as well, regardless of which group member originally submitted the assignment.

In order to utilize this feature, you must already have groups set up in your LEARN course shell.


  1. Navigate to the course folder or content area where you would like the dropbox to appear
  2. From the charcoal-colored bar across the top of the page, select Assessments > Assignment
  3. Fill in the name of the assignment and the point value, as you would with any standard dropbox assignment
  4. Click on Submission Details:
    Screen capture of assignment submission details options
  5. Choose Group Submission to change this assignment from an individual submission to a group submission
  6. Highlight all the groups participating in this assignment (i.e., the groups that you want to see submissions from) on the list that appears on the left-hand side
  7. Click the arrow button to move the group names to the box at the right
  8. Ensure the Make Assignment Available box under the description area is set to Yes
  9. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page