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Creating your job market candidate profile

To setup your job market candidate profile for the first time please follow the steps below:

Please remember to change workflow status to “Review” when you are ready to have it reviewed to be published

  1. If you are already logged into the LeBow website first log out otherwise log in to your LeBow Drexel Account.
    • a. Navigate to lebow.drexel.edu.
    • b. Login by clicking the login button at the top of the screen.
      Image of where to login
    • c. Enter your Username and Password and login.
  2. Click your name (which has replaced where login previously appeared).
    Indication of how to access profile
  3. Click Edit Graduate Profile.
    Edit graduate profile button location
  4. Fill out the fields using some of the tips below:
    • Class Year
      This is your anticipated graduation year
    • Internship
      Please include the internship job title followed by the company name, ie: Marketing Associate, Campbell’s Soup Company
    • Prior to LeBow
      Please list in bullet format three (3) relevant work experiences and/or projects
    • LinkedIn Profile
      The url to your LinkedIn profile (e.g. http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname)
    • Looking For
      Please select whether you are seeking an internship or full-time position
    • Resume
      Please upload a copy of your most recent resume in MS Word format. Save your document as Last Name, First Name, ie: Doe, Jane. Be sure to click upload.
    • Interest Area
      You can select up to three areas of interest to display on your profile
  5. Once your profile is ready for review change the workflow to “Review” and save
    Workflow status

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