How to Access SDC Platinum

Securities Data Company (SDC) Platinum™, a historical financial transactions database, provides the most detailed financial transaction information available on new issues, M&A, bonds, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more.

Before You Begin

Requesting Access

Access to SDC Platinum is restricted for use to LCB faculty. To request access, contact LeBow Tech.

Off-Campus Access

SDC Platinum is only accessible from within Drexel’s campus. To connect to the SDC Platinum from off-campus, you will first need to connect to the Drexel VPN. Instructions can be found at

Installing the SDC Platinum Client

NOTE: The SDC Platinum client is only available under the Microsoft Windows operating system

  1. Open the Windows menu.
  2. Browse to Windows System and select File Explorer.
  3. From the menu on the left, select This PC.
  4. Browse to the Z: drive.
    • If you do not see the Z: drive, contact LeBow Tech.
  5. Browse to SDC.
  6. Copy the SDC Platinum shortcut to a convenient location on your computer.
  7. Close the File Explorer window.

Using SDC Platinum

  1. Browse to the location where the shortcut was copied.
  2. Launch SDC Platinum