How to: Research Seminar Events

Refer to the following to develop informative research seminar events.

  • Event Title
    • The title should be formatted as follows: Professor’s Name (with appropriate title), University
    • Example: Dr. John Doe, Rutgers University
  • Short Description
    • Please create a short description under 160 characters (character count shown in the upper right corner of the field).
    • The short description should provide a brief overview of the topic to be presented, or if presentation information is not known, then provide a brief overview of speaker’s background.
    • Please note, the short description should not be a duplicate of the event description.

  • Event Description
    • Provide a brief biography of the professor and/or seminar topic.
    • Include information regarding an abstract, if available.
    • Provide a link to the speaker’s online biography in the following format: Read more about [Professor’s Name](link to professor).
  • Location
    • Please be sure to include the location and room number for the event.
  • Vocabulary
    • Audience - Faculty & PhD Students
    • Discipline - area of expertise/discussion
    • Location - location of event