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Midpoint Course Surveys

Why should I use a midpoint survey?

  • Midpoint surveys are not final. Standard course evaluations are given when the class is almost over. While that feedback can be used to plan for future terms, it may also reveal struggles that the instructor could have addressed if they had received that feedback sooner. Midpoint surveys can help instructors identify issues while there is still time to make changes, leading to an improved student experience – and better final course evaluations – for the current term. 
  • Midpoint surveys make students feel heard. By asking for feedback, an instructor shows that they care about their students’ learning experience. An instructor might even use a few minutes of class time or a Blackboard announcement to respond to common themes in the feedback and start a dialogue. Instead of making decisions in a vacuum, an instructor can use a midpoint survey to affirm the importance of students’ voices in shaping their own education. 
  • Midpoint surveys can be convenient and practical. Since midpoint surveys are administered through the familiar interface of Blackboard LEARN, they are simple to navigate for both students and instructors. Blackboard surveys are always anonymous: instructors can see which students have completed the survey, but responses are never identified by students’ names. Once completed, instructors can view the survey data from the Blackboard Grade Center or download feedback as a .csv file to organize and analyze trends in the data.

How do I add a midpoint survey to my class?

If you are interested in using a midpoint survey, please reach out to the LeBow InTech Team ( for more information. We will be happy to share the different versions of midpoint surveys that are available to add to your course, walk you through administering the survey and downloading responses, and answer any questions you might have.

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