Sending Announcements from Blackboard LEARN

Announcements are an effective way to send course updates and reminders to all of the students in your course. To create an announcement that can be shared with your entire class, follow the steps below:


  1. From your course’s left-hand navigation bar, select the Announcements content area
  2. Locate the “My Announcements” module in the top-left of the page and click More announcements…
  3. My Announcements Module

  4. Select Create Announcement at the top of the page
  5. Enter the Subject line, then use the Message field to compose the body of your announcement
    • Do not copy and paste from a Microsoft Word document—this can create formatting problems. If you would like to paste your announcement into Blackboard, make sure to compose it in a Notepad or TextEdit, rather than Word
    • You can use the text editor buttons along the top of the Message field to format your message with bullets, numbers, colors, or new font-styles
  6. If you would like to post your announcement immediately, leave the “Duration” field set to Not Date Restricted
  7. To send out your announcement as an email blast (recommended), ensure that Send a copy of this announcement is checked. Note that the email option cannot be used if a date restriction is used to display the announcement in the future. is only available when the announcement is not date restricted.
  8. To include a link to a particular assignment or folder in the course, use the Browse button under “Course Link”, and select the correct course area from the pop-up window that appears
  9. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to post your announcement