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Sending an Email to All Your LeBow Event Registrants

The LeBow Events System has a built-in tool to quickly email all your event registrants. It will only email currently registered sign-ups. We recommend this tool for uses to notify registrants some of the following scenarios:

  • the location has been moved
  • the event has been canceled
  • providing a Zoom or Qualtrics link, if it was not included in the registration confirmation email

Follow these steps to contact all your registrants:

  1. Log in to the LeBow website
  2. Navigate to your event’s page.
  3. Click ‘Signups’ at the top of your edit bar.
  4. Click ’ Signup Broadcast’ at the top of your edit bar.
    • The ‘from’ email defaults to yours, you can change if you desire.
    • Add a ‘subject’ line (we recommend including the event title).
    • Fill out the ‘message body’ with any information you wish to provide.
    • Optional: Checking off ‘send yourself a copy’ will send the email to yourself as well.
    • Click the ‘Send’ button.

You’ve now sent an email to all of your registrants.

Want to automatically send information to registrants on sign-up?

You can add copy to the registration confirmation email.