Using iCal Feeds on your Mobile Device


There are two ways to add an iCal Feed to your iPhone. The first way is without iCloud; the second requires iCloud.

Without iCloud

  1. Navigate to LeBow’s events’ page on your iPhone.
  2. Filter the events by the categories applicable to your needs.
  3. Click the iCal Feed link located directly above the previously used filters.
  4. Tap ‘Subscribe,’ then tap ‘View Events.’
  5. Once the Calendar App loads, tap ‘Calendars’ and scroll to the ‘Subscribed’ section.
  6. Tap the info icon next to your newly subscribed calendar.
    • Change the name of your subscription by tapping the block displaying the iCal link. Make it a descriptive name.
    • Select the color you would like your LeBow events to be highlighted.
  7. Tap ‘Done.’ Tap ‘Done’ again from the Calendars menu.

Your subscription will now appear in your iPhone Calendar app. (Note these events appear tagged with the color you selected for the calendar.)

With iCloud

Note: In order for iCloud to work, you must be logged in to the same Apple Account on all of the devices you desire the Calendar to be shared across.

  1. You must have subscribed the iCal Feed to the Calendar App on your Mac Desktop/Laptop. (If you haven’t done this, see this article.)
  2. Right click the subscribed calendar and select ‘Get Info.’
  3. In the pop-up, select the dropdown for ‘Location’ and select ‘iCloud.’ Click ‘OK.’

Your subscription will now appear across all the devices associated with your Apple Account.


The calendar will only work if the iCal Feed is subscribed on your desktop Google Calendar. (If you haven’t done this, see this article.) Note: You can install an app in order to sync without Google Calendar; however, we do not recommend this since the app was not developed by Android/Google.

Your subscription will now appear within 24 hours on the Google Calendar App on your device.

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