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Inclusive Culture

Goal: Create an environment in which all students, staff, faculty and other stakeholders feel welcomed and respected.

Dashboard: See oversight, timelines, accountability and status of recommendations for creating an inclusive culture at LeBow.

Led by: Jeffrey Levine, JD, PhD, assistant clinical professor of sport business


Ingrain Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Into LeBow’s DNA:

  • Create a DEI mission statement to guide expectations for an inclusive culture.
  • Create a DEI strategic plan to operationalize DEI efforts at LeBow.
  • Integrate DEI into LeBow’s strategic plan.
  • Appoint a DEI practitioner to lead, assess, support and guide DEI programming, practices, policies and procedures.
  • Create a DEI Advisory Council with student, faculty, staff and alumni representation.

Incorporate DEI in Programming:

  • Ensure that events include representation from diverse populations.
  • Offer ongoing programming that highlights DEI as a business and leadership competency and discusses current trends and issues in DEI.
  • Create Inclusive Impact Day, an annual co-curricular event that includes business leaders, students, faculty, staff, alumni and business leaders.

Develop DEI Marketing and Communications:

  • Revamp the LeBow DEI website to share stories that represent and reflect the diversity of our stakeholders (prospective students and their families, current students, and external partners) and provide information about programs and initiatives.
  • Create internal and external diversity marketing plans to extend the impact of DEI programming and resources at LeBow and raise awareness of the stories and successes of LeBow’s Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx students.
  • Tag LeBow DEI events and programs as “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”

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Connect with Us

Thank you for your interest in our DEI initiative and resources at Drexel LeBow. For more information and questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trina Larsen Andras