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LeBow Student Stories
Emily Dean
Emily Dean, ’20
BS in Business Administration (Business Analytics; Marketing)

Starting her freshman year, she used Drexel's undergraduate research opportunities to prepare her for her co-op and determine her future career interests.

Melinda Emerson
Melinda Emerson, ’20
Executive MBA

Bestselling author. Keynote speaker. President and CEO. Entrepreneur. Melinda Emerson, MBA ’20, goes by a lot of titles but there was one missing — educator.

Alice Park
Alice Park, ’15

Alice Park pursued her LeBow MBA to advance her career by combining her interests in technology and marketing.

Erin Pipech headshot
Erin Pipech, ’23
Executive MBA

Erin Pipech '23 found Drexel’s EMBA program and with it the tools and relationships to take her learning to the new levels and new countries.

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez headshot
Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, ’21
Executive MBA

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez '21 wanted an immersive program that prioritized diverse experiences and voices. That's why she chose Drexel LeBow's Executive MBA.

Danesha Chisholm landscape headshot
Danesha Chisholm, ’22
Executive DBA

Dr. Danesha Chisholm ’22 credits the DBA program with providing her the edge needed to acquire her current job; global senior compliance manager at Microsoft.

Sarah Lockley
Sarah Lockley, ’22
Executive MBA

Determination has driven Sarah Lockley, EMBA ’22, a trait learned at an early age from her parents, who are United States Army veterans.

Mike Cosenza
Mike Cosenza, ’22
Executive MBA

With a constant thirst for knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Cosenza, EMBA ’22, was destined to run a business.

Matt Kessler in GHall
Matt Kessler, ’19
Executive MBA

Matt Kessler, EMBA ’19, knew early on that he wanted to have a career in sports. He's spent more than 15 years working for his hometown team, the Phillies.

Steve Washkalavitch
Steve Washkalavitch, ’15
Executive MBA

Steve Washkalavitch, EMBA ’15, enrolled with the goal to help grow the company he worked for and instead gained the confidence to start his own business.

Jim Viscusi
Jim Viscusi, ’21
Executive MBA

Viscusi has worked at Oracle since 1996 and has held various positions along the way, from a consulting member of their technical staff to director roles.

Ana Aguilar
Ana Aguilar, ’16
Executive MBA

For Ana Aguilar, EMBA ’16, it’s about people, systems and processes. Not just about the bottom line; it’s about leaving places better than how she found them.

H. Adam Holt
Adam Holt, ’04
Executive Master’s in Business Administration

H. Adam Holt took his company, Asset Map, from a startup to a $3 million company.

Michael Horton
Michael Horton, ’20
Executive DBA

Michael Horton brought business experience in military, engineering and government to LeBow’s Doctorate in Business Administration program.

Sandra Anglin-Caldwell
Sandra Anglin-Caldwell, ’09
Executive MBA

She credits her LeBow EMBA for helping her identify the delicate balance between analytics and relationship building, strategy and teamwork in her career.

Rob Nedumakel
Rob Nedumakel, ’18
Executive MBA

Two Philadelphia institutions – Comcast and Drexel – have helped shape Rob Nedumakel's life and career in significant ways.

LeBow Student Priyal Desai
Priyal Desai, ’24
MS, Business Analytics

For Priyal Desai, coming to Drexel meant taking a big leap in both her career aspirations and geographical location. She found her perfect fit at LeBow.

LeBow Alum Walker Allen
Walker Allen, ’13

Wanting a local school with an accelerated course of study, Walker Allen enrolled in Drexel LeBow’s 12-month MBA program looking toward a career change.

Maelys Amat
Maëlys Amat, ’18

Maëlys Amat always knew she wanted to attend medical school. Going to business school didn’t occur to her until she was well into her MD studies.

Cramer Student Photo 4
Kristopher Cramer, ’16
MS in Economics

Kristopher Cramer used his work ethic, commitment and an MS in Economics from Drexel to take him from the fast food kitchen to a leading analytics firm.

Alexandra Burt
Alexandra Burt, ’18
MS in Accounting

Ali Burt’s path to the MS in Accounting program was unconventional, finding her way to her pursuit of a corner office through her work in the nonprofit sector.

Japkeerat Bindra
Japkeerat Bindra, ’17
MBA and MS in Finance

Japkeerat Bindra credits his expansive network and working with his dream company to the relationships he built during his time at Drexel.

Father Isaac Haywiser
Isaac Haywiser, ’20
MS in Marketing

A Benedictine monk and a Catholic priest, Isaac Haywiser's current studies in LeBow’s MS in Marketing program are a first step toward a PhD.

Anusha Janardhana Headshot
Anusha Janardhana, ’18

From her undergraduate studies, to her current position, it has always seemed to Anusha Janardhana that her professional path has been leading to one place.

Karimah Lynum standing in a blue dress with her hair pinned
Karimah Lynum, ’18

With an urge to leave her hometown and the goal of becoming a research pharmacist, Karimah Lynum took calculated chances on the path to become a Drexel dragon.

LeBow Alum Derreck Robinson
Derreck Robinson, ’93
BS Finance (Economics concentration)

For Derreck Robinson '93, his three life goals defined his experience as a Drexel LeBow student and continue to guide his dedication to current LeBow students.

George Spencer
George Spencer, ’17
MBA (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management)

George Spencer already had a successful career as an on-air reporter and a master’s degree from Columbia when he began the Drexel LeBow part-time MBA program.

Leonard Hayes III Headshot
Leonard Hayes III, ’17

Leonard Hayes III credits the critical thinking skills he gained in Drexel LeBow’s MBA program for empowering him on his steady career to JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Sydney McCloud Headshot
Sydney McCloud, ’19
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Management Information Systems and Finance)

Looking to make an impact and build a sense of community, Sydney McCloud’s passion for giving back led her to an executive position in Drexel Women in Business.

Arjun Arora Headshot
Arjun Arora, ’18
MS in Business Analytics

Arjun came away from his MS in Business Analytics studies with a deep understanding of how to apply machine-learning models and other analytics solutions.

Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington, ’18
MS in Business Analytics

During his MS in Business Analytics studies, Ryan loved the emphasis on application through hands-on projects working directly with data.

Joe Dipre Headshot
Joseph Dipre, ’19

Joe's experience as a Lawrie Advanced Global Leadership Fellow was the highlight of his MBA studies and set him on the path to a career in private equity.

Lee Elias
Lee Elias, ’13
MS in Sport Management

Lee Elias turned his sport business degree into a book that became the groundwork for his time-tested team-building strategies and business endeavors.

Ananth Bevinahally Headshot
Ananth Bevinahally, ’20
Master's in Economics and Computer Science

Ananth Bevinahally, now a data engineer at Facebook, is the first graduate of LeBow’s Master’s in Economics and Computer Science program.

Shruti Shah Headshot
Shruti Shah, ’18
MS in Marketing

Since moving to the United States from India, Shruti Shah has come to feel at home here due to connections she has made in LeBow's MS in Marketing program.

Chris Markowitz
Chris Markowitz, ’19
BS in Sport Management

Chris Markowitz has turned his passion and love for sports into a dream position at NESN.

Aquiera Halsey student photo
Aquiera Halsey, ’11
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, International Business & Legal Studies)

Aquiera Halsey found her niche and dream career by combining her business studies with a passion for public health.

Elan Vinkurov on basketball court
Elan Vinokurov, ’10
BS in Sport Management

Through the sport management program at Drexel, Elan Vinokurov was able to follow his passion in scouting and give back to his community.

Jilan Liu
Jilan Liu, ’17
Operations and Supply Chain Management

After transferring to Drexel in 2014 from Guangzhou University, Jilan Liu found a new career path and a brighter future.

Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim, ’17
BS in Business Administration (Finance)

After deciding to change his major from pre-dentistry to finance, Kim transferred to Drexel and completed his co-op at Goldman Sachs.

Aicha Ly Headshot
Aicha Ly, ’14

After being accepted to five MBA programs, Aicha Ly says that it was Drexel’s reputation for interdisciplinary and experiential education that led her here.

Eugene Olkhov, MS in Business Analytics graduate
Eugene Olkhov, ’19
MS, Business Analytics

Consulting projects, part of the MS in Business Analytics program, gave Eugene exposure to project management and to managing client relationships.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson, ’08
BS in Business Administration; Executive MBA

For Thompson, pursuing his Executive MBA was a necessity to keep his family business going strong as they grow with a new business partner, Patti LaBelle.

Christopher Haines, DO
Christopher Haines, DO, ’14
MBA (Healthcare Management)

As chief medical officer of the nation's largest pediatric rehab system, Haines used the MBA to drive innovation and incorporate business practices.

Roger Kfoury
Roger Kfoury, ’17
BS in Business Administration (Legal Studies; Marketing)

From international consulting to academic trips, Roger Kfoury got the most out of his time at Drexel.

Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar, ’87

Ravi Shankar arrived in America from India with a mechanical engineering degree, $20 in his pocket and a question: how do financial markets work?

Soheil Kashan Headshot
Soheil Kashan, ’15
MS Business Analytics and MS Finance

Soheil Kashan came to LeBow to study finance. He later enrolled in the Master's in Business Analytics, completing both degrees in a little over two years.

Isabella Santosusso Headshot
Isabella Santosusso, ’21
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Legal Studies) and Bachelor of Science in Economics

An unexpected knack for research paired with Drexel’s fellowship programs helped Bella Santosusso achieve her dreams of traveling the world.

Aashna Shah
Aashna Shah, ’17
MS in Accounting

When Aashna Shah first came to Drexel's campus from her hometown in India, she knew she had found a second home.

KeShaun Hinmon Headshot
KeShaun Hinmon, ’19
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing

KeShaun Hinmon found his position at Google using the power of the LeBow network and the encouraging support system he found through BRIDGE.

Jim Wolters Headshot
Jim Wolters, ’19

Jim Wolters moved back to his hometown from Washington, DC for his Drexel LeBow MBA, helping him pursue a longstanding interest in health care.

Alexander Nwobi Opaluwa Headshot
Alexander Opaluwa, ’20

With business experience in China and his native Nigeria, Alexander Opaluwa felt that an MBA from a US school would complete a global triad of knowledge.

Leigh-Ann Wilkins
Leigh-Ann Wilkins, ’17
MS in Economics

For Wilkins, it was the attentive economics faculty and extensive Drexel network that helped her land a job at the Federal Reserve before completing her degree.

Christopher Stroup
Christopher Stroup, ’19

Through the flexibility of the MBA and the intensity of the Lawrie Scholarship program, Chris discovered his passion and built a career and life he loves.

Philip Barasa
Philip Barasa, ’18
BS in Economics; BS in Mathematics

Philip Barasa's pursuit of education, co-op and adventure has led him from Kenya to the United States and Australia.

Elizabeth Perkins
Elizabeth Perkins, ’19
MS, Business Analytics

After studying mathematics and psychology, Elizabeth Perkins looked for graduate programs that centered on where those two fields intersect.

Joe Paliotta
Joe Paliotta, ’18

When Joe Paliotta III learned that the CEO and CFO at his employer attended LeBow for their Executive MBA degrees, he knew that he wanted to follow their lead.

Malinka Ranasinghe
Malinka Ranasinghe, ’16
BS in Economics; BS in Business Administration (Accounting)

Ranasinghe leveraged his dual degrees by infusing economic theories and research skills learned at LeBow into tax auditing at EY (Ernst & Young).

Cayla-Simone poses for a photo outside of LeBow
Cayla-Simone Riggs, ’17
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

After a short detour while exploring Drexel University’s campus, Cayla-Simone Riggs knew she had found her new home.