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Learning and Professional Development

Goal: Provide faculty and staff with the knowledge, awareness and understanding of cultural competencies and the humility to create a culture of belonging along with incentives and rewards to acknowledge individual participation in actively creating an inclusive environment.

Dashboard: View oversight, timelines, accountability and status of learning and professional development.

Led by: Brian Ellis, PhD, associate dean for academic programs administration at LeBow and executive director of the Goodwin College of Professional Studies


Knowledge and Awareness:

  • In collaboration with Drexel’s Learning and Development team, develop and facilitate a training series on awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for faculty and staff.
  • Continue to facilitate open dialogue about DEI (e.g., Dialogue Boards, Brave Spaces and Courageous Conversations).
  • Provide funds for faculty, PhD students and staff to attend conferences to learn about DEI (e.g., bringing it into the classroom, co-curricular activities, research, etc.). Share information about upcoming conferences and have attendees share best practices upon their return.

Incentives and Rewards:

  • Students:
    • Create incentives for students to engage in DEI programming, such as creating a DEI scholarship award or funding for professional development or conference attendance for students who significantly contribute to LeBow DEI efforts (DEI Fund).
  • Faculty/Staff:
    • Incentivize attendance at or participation in DEI programming by offering DEI paid time off (similar to civic engagement time).
    • Incentivize faculty or staff engagement in DEI programming by adding a DEI component to annual performance evaluation.
    • Incentivize departments to attract and retain diverse talent through a diversity scoreboard.
    • Provide awards to recognize making an impact in advancing DEI at LeBow.

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Thank you for your interest in our DEI initiative and resources at Drexel LeBow. For more information and questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trina Larsen Andras