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Recruitment and Retention

Goal: Create recruitment and retention strategies to increase and maintain the diverse representation of students, faculty and staff, and continually assess climate and sense of belonging for all constituents.

Dashboard: View oversight, timelines, accountability and status for recruitment and retention.

Led by: Jocelyn Warren, director of administrative services, Office of Educational Affairs, College of Medicine


Student Recruitment:

  • Engage in dynamic and continuous outreach to local junior high and high schools, with an emphasis on prospective students who are first-generation and from historically underserved communities in Philadelphia.
  • Develop strategies to increase the enrollment of underrepresented undergraduate students, with the goals of admitting, matriculating and retaining the largest percentage of first-generation and students from historically underserved communities among our peer institutions.
  • Partner with corporate partners and Institutional Advancement/Alumni Relations to provide scholarships and stipends for high school students to attend Camp Business.

Faculty/Staff Recruitment:

  • Increase the diversity of the candidate pool by posting positions in publications and outlets that serve underrepresented populations.
  • Ensure diversity within selection committees and provide formal interview training to selection committees to increase cultural competencies and mitigate unconscious bias.

Student Retention:

  • Operationalize and scale the BRIDGE program by providing funding and additional resources and staff.
  • Continuously assess the underrepresented minority student experience.

Faculty/Staff Retention:

  • Create an onboarding program to formally welcome new employees to LeBow, which includes internal communication to create a sense of belonging; a buddy or mentor outside of their department who will provide resources (org chart, LCOB mission/vision, ERG, programming), and a 30-60-90 day meeting with their direct supervisor (30), skip level (60) and dean (90).
  • Regularly survey staff and faculty to identify gaps in DEI resources and determine the unmet needs of the community.

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Trina Larsen Andras