Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

LeBowX student presenting


LeBowX provides a platform for LeBow community members to present a 10-minute ‘TED Talk’ focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Eligible speakers include LeBow undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni.

LeBowX is hosted twice a year, in both the Fall and Spring term. Please check back for upcoming event dates.

Speaker Requirements

  • Speakers must be a currently enrolled LeBow undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Students will have 15 minutes to speak about the topic of their choice (within reason and as long as it fits the Diversity & Inclusion Group’s mission).
  • Potential speakers must submit an essay as to why they feel passionately about a certain topic, why they want to share their story, and an abridged version of their speech.

Speech Considerations

Each speaker is encouraged to think critically about the meaning of diversity and inclusion and what makes them passionate about the topic. While a fully developed speech is not required for consideration a comprehensive understanding of how diversity and inclusion has played a role in your life and story will be required for submission

Resources and incentives available to student speakers

  • 3-4 mentors from DIG (Diversity & Inclusion Group) committee
  • Public speaking coach/sessions from former LeBowX student speakers.
  • Rehearsals in front of DIG committee to provide constructive feedback
  • Speeches will be live streamed on YouTube, proving students with a great media spotlight for their LinkedIn profiles.

Previous LeBowX Events

For a full recap of previous LeBowX events please visit the links below.

LeBowX Explores the Changing Role of Diversity

LeBowX gave four students a platform to address the changing roles of identity and diversity in their classrooms, workplaces and communities.

LeBowX Presenters pose for a photo

LeBowX Brings Out Personal and Poignant Stories

Four student speakers presented on themes of diversity and inclusion in an open, honest and vulnerable fashion.

Tony Wu, Samantha Yordy, Anmol Singh Kamra, Natasha Filipov