TedX LeBow Special Edition: Eight Minutes and 46 Seconds

TedX LeBow Special Edition: Eight Minutes and 46 Seconds

TedX LeBow Special Edition: “8 minutes and 46 seconds” provides the Drexel LeBow community with an opportunity to discuss their experiences as the nation grapples with ongoing instances of police brutality and the long-term effects of systemic racism and societal injustice.

The views and opinions expressed in these TEDx videos are those of the creator of the video and do not necessarily reflect the official position or views of Drexel University or LeBow College of Business.

Please be advised that the content of these presentations is sensitive in nature. Viewers may find the presentation to be emotionally and intellectually challenging and are advised to use their discretion when viewing. The Drexel LeBow community is committed to fostering a space where we can share and discuss bravely, empathetically and thoughtfully. To do so, requires a willingness to listen, to be uncomfortable, and to challenge our own worldviews.

Previous presentations can be found at the links below.

> Watch “I CAN’T let the unequal treatment of black and brown people continue.” and “I CAN’T breathe, but I want to breathe.”

> Watch “I CAN’T allow us to not grow and learn from this” and “I CAN’T believe!”

> Watch “I CAN’T wait any longer for you to understand” and “I can’t… but I will love.”

> Watch “I CAN’T believe this happened again.” and “I can’t change your mind, but I can share my perspective.”

> Watch “I CAN’T believe I have to do this” and “I CAN’T stop the fight for social justice and equality for all.”