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Diversity Programming

Students at Global Day

Amid growing discussions throughout the world on equity, inclusion and diversity, Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business community must know that their perspectives and experiences are valued. We desire to support a culture of inclusion that serves as a haven for these experiences and perspectives through conversation.

Drexel LeBow is committed to implementing events that embrace dialogue among institutional stakeholders that will drive civic engagement and educational innovation from multiple perspectives.

Faculty and Staff Development

LeBow is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for faculty and staff by encouraging the exchange of ideas and promoting awareness through trainings, conferences and discussion opportunities.

Do you have suggestions for trainings or discussion opportunities? Please email

View the Drexel LeBow DEI Plan

Drexel’s Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture Opportunities

Drexel’s Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture offers the following online trainings available to Drexel faculty and professional staff through Career Pathway. Trainings include:

  • LGBTQ+ Ally Training
  • Understanding Title IX at Drexel
  • Recognizing and Mitigating Implicit Bias
  • Preventing Escalation with Conflict Resolution Skills

You can navigate to these programs by logging into Career Pathway and typing the title of the desired program into the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Visit the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture

Global Day

The LeBow family consists of faculty, graduate students and staff from all across the globe. Hosted by Drexel LeBow Graduate Student Services, Global Day is an opportunity to celebrate the sharing of traditions, visiting of nations and telling of experiences of cultures around the world through a museum displaying hundreds of artifacts and souvenirs from around the world, while sharing food, music, photos and fun!

Diversity and Inclusion Business Case Competition

The Drexel LeBow Diversity and Inclusion Business Case Competition crosses all disciplines and all types of corporations. Teams of undergraduate student participants have the opportunity to act as management consultants or members of the board of directors and are charged with determining the best course of action for an organization based on a provided workplace scenario related to diversity and inclusion. Teams will have four weeks to prepare the case in advance of the preliminary round of the competition.

Diversity is the uniqueness each person brings to the workplace where differences include nationality, religion, disabilities, job title, physical appearance, race, gender, educational background, sexual orientation, job experience, income, education and family background.

2022 Competition Winners

3rd Place: Ninja Turtles (Cindy Chen, Minh Le Kim, Susan Yu, Elis Huang) 2nd Place: Team United (Alexander Le, Thasya Duong, Sharon Shi, Simar Kaur) 1st Place: Team Dragons (Yingxin Li, Laila Keaton, Naquiya Barwaniwala, Huyen Nguyen)

2018 Competition Winner

Team SHAH (Drexel University)

2017 Competition Winner

Team Delaware (University of Delaware)

Connect with Us

Thank you for your interest in our DEI initiative and resources at Drexel LeBow. For more information and questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Trina Larsen Andras