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Behavioral Lab

Behavioral Lab

Gerri C. LeBow Hall Lower Level

LeBow’s Behavioral Lab supports data collection for behavioral research on business-related topics by providing space and equipment to administer studies both in person and online. The primary goal of this dedicated research space is to enhance research productivity of faculty that conduct such research.

The Behavioral Lab was specially designed to provide researchers with maximum flexibility, as the space can be modified and adjusted to accommodate various forms of research. The lab is wired for audio and video recording, sound playback and climate control, allowing researchers to study how people act and react.

The lab includes a reception area, an office (for administering the study), a six-person conference room, a large flexible studio and a control booth that has a one-way mirror that looks into the flexible studio. The large studio room is equipped with modular furniture to allow it to shift into private cubicles or an open space to accommodate researchers needs including focus groups and interviews. All rooms have internet access with video and audio recording throughout the laboratory.

LeBow’s Behavior Lab infrastructure includes state of the art neuroimaging and eye tracking with the following hardware:

  • fNIR (functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy) machine
  • Smart Eye Trackers (Aurora; 120 Hz)
  • Dell Latitude E5450 Laptops with software
  • Galvanic Skin Response Q sensor

In addition, the lab also has the following supplies and small devices for conducting research studies:

  • Heating Pads
  • Cooling Pads
  • Stop watches
  • Head phones
  • Clip boards

LeBow has a relationship with John Kounios, PhD, in the department of psychology to work on joint research projects related to neurobusiness that require data collection using electrophysiological methods like the EEG.

Large Conference Room

  • Furnished with conference tables and chairs
  • Allows for audio and video recording
  • Offers study observation behind a two-way mirror

Focus Group and Video Room

  • Allows for audio and video recording
  • Offers study observation behind a two-way mirror
  • Equipped with 60“ widescreen television display for playback

Interview Rooms

  • Equipped with widescreen TV, couch, table and chairs
  • Accommodates up to four participants
  • Allows for audio and video recording

Neuroimaging and Eyetracking Room

  • Equipped with Smarteye Eyetrackers
  • Equipped with fNIR optical brain imaging systems
  • Offers discrete viewing of the focus group room