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LeBow Works Co-Working Space

LeBow Works is a dedicated co-working space located in Gerri C. LeBow Hall for remote Drexel LeBow Co-op students. Working remotely has its perks, yet can also be professionally challenging and isolating. With seven dedicated work stations in one communal workspace, LeBow Works is designed to increase productivity, foster a sense of community, promote mental wellness, encourage business-minded networking and give our students a place to come to work every day.

How It Works

LeBow Works will be open from 9am-5pm, Monday-Thursday, with shifts available in the morning (9am-1pm) and the afternoon (1pm-5pm). (You may sign up for up to 4 shifts per week (a total of 2 full days, or 16 hours). With limited workspace available, please be mindful of your peers and show up to your work station on time, for your registered times. If you can no longer attend a slot that you’ve signed up for, please cancel and allow someone else to take your slot. High speed internet and power supply will be available at all work stations. You must wear headphones when listening to music, attending meetings, etc. to be mindful of your peers. Students must bring their own equipment (laptop, charger, headphones, etc.). Printing services will not be available. Reservations can be made as far as 2 weeks in advance. 

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Private Offices

Private offices are available to reserve up to 2 hours each day and must be reserved separately.

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Free coffee will be available every Monday and we soon plan to offer Lunch & Learns once a month to support your professional development.