Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

The LeBow College of Business is committed to the value of inclusion. We strive to treat everyone with respect and without bias. As an institution of higher learning, we promote a free exchange of ideas. We believe that embracing differences in others is a way to enrich our lives.

In an effort to support Drexel University’s initiatives in fostering understanding, respect and opportunity for a better University, the LeBow College of Business has developed five platforms or areas of focus to intentionally infuse diversity and inclusion into the work that we do.

  • Resources
  • Pressure Points Series
  • Student Voices
  • Diversity Case Competitions and Conferences
  • Faculty and Professional Staff Development


LeBow has identified key institutional resources available to students, faculty and professional staff dedicated to enhancing diversity and inclusion within and around our community.

Diversity Resources

Pressure Points Series

Pressure Points will embrace dialogue among institutional stakeholders that will drive activism and educational innovation from multiple perspectives.

Pressure Points

Student Voices

Student Voices will provide the model for relations within our community by championing diversity and inclusion ideologies within student organizations.

National Association of Black Accountants

Diversity Case Competitions and Conferences

Case Competitions allow LeBow students to think strategically about real-world problems while networking with industry leaders.

National Diversity Case Competition Winners

Faculty and Staff Development

LeBow enhances the development of faculty and professional staff through awareness, training and conferences supported by the Center for Teaching Excellence and administrative areas.

LeBow Faculty Development