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Blackboard Exam Support for Business Courses

If you are interested in creating an online exam in Blackboard, the LeBow Instructional Technology Team can save you time by importing your test into Blackboard on your behalf.

To get started, please send us the following information at least 3-4 business days in advance of your exam:


  1. Create a Microsoft Word document containing your exam questions. Please note the following when developing your exam questions:
    • Multiple-Choice and True/False questions can be automatically graded by Blackboard—to use this feature, ensure that the correct answers for each question are highlighted in yellow.
    • Essay questions can be used for questions that require typed responses or to show the progression of calculations.
    • Multi-part questions can be configured as an essay question, which will allow students to answer all parts in a single response.
    • Other question types can be configured upon request. Contact LeBow InTech for more information on using non-standard question types in Blackboard.
    • Questions with images or formulaic expressions will require additional time, and instructor review, to ensure that everything converted properly.
    • Point values should be included with each question if some questions are weighted differently than others.
  2. Send an email to with the following:
    • The Microsoft Word document containing your questions and highlighted answers, if applicable.
    • The  dates and times the exam should open and close to students (e.g., Open February 20 at 8:00am; close February 25 at 11:59pm).
    • The time limit for the exam. In other words, once students start, how long do they have to complete their attempt?
    • The points per question in cases where all questions have the same point value.
    • The names of any students who require additional time or other accommodations, based on an official Accommodation Verification Letter. Accommodations can also be made for students who live in different time zones or have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from taking the exam.
    • Whether you would like to add an Academic Integrity Pledge for students to complete before they can access the exam. This is a one-question quiz where students must agree that they will not use any resources that are not expressly permitted for the exam

The LeBow Instructional Technology team will send you an email confirmation once your exam has been created in Blackboard. Always plan to review the exam before releasing it to students.

If you have other questions about administering your online exams or using Blackboard, please contact the Instructional Technology department at 215-895-2314 or

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