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Mathy Stanislaus, Esq. shares his thoughts on how the electric vehicle and battery industries can address the concerns of consumers.

LeBow's new faculty members boast impressive backgrounds, with a wide range of experience in both academia and industry.

An overhead view of numerous airplanes lined up at an airport, with the wing of an airborne plane visible in the lower right

For a consulting course in partnership with data analytics firm Freya Systems, LeBow graduate students developed predictive models for flight delays nationwide.

Gerri C. LeBow Hall

With a $10 million gift from the Wilbur C. and Betty Lea Henderson Foundation, Drexel University is establishing the Wilbur C. Henderson Real Estate Institute.

Dozens of human hands raised in the air with hearts superimposed on their palms

In the latest edition of Philly Nonprofits By the Numbers, GGI examines organizations’ geographic distribution across twelve Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Bar graph and trajectory arrow visible through a pair of binoculars held by two hands

Paolo Volpin, PhD, and coauthors provide a study of the impact of cartel investigations initiated by the European Commission on companies around the world.

An image of a brain with circuits superimposed

Recent courses in finance and management have embraced artificial intelligence platforms, including ChatGPT, as faculty and students build skills together.

Robot pouring coffee behind the counter of a cafe

Research in accounting, business analytics and marketing demonstrates how Drexel researchers are helping to advance a safer, healthier and more just world.

Building BRIDGEs Campers outside at LeBow

Local middle schoolers spent one week learning life skills and wellness while having fun with guidance from LeBow's BRIDGE students and local law enforcement.

Camp Business Group Shot on 7th floor of LeBow

Camp Business saw its most competitive applicant pool in 2023 after recognition by Forbes as an Innovative Business Summer Programs For High School Students.

A wall with vegetation growing on it, with a spiral staircase visible at left

Corporate Sustainability for Managers paired an attorney and ESG expert with a LeBow faculty member to deliver of-the-moment insights on a fast-changing field.

Several people seated at computer screens in a dark room with one man standing at the front

In a spring-term residency course on the business of esports, LeBow MBA students got a full immersion in the growing field.

The 2023 Drexel LeBow Analytics 50, presented by the Center for Business Analytics

The recognized companies, which range in size and span the U.S., are all pursuing data-driven solutions in vital new ways.

A man in a navy blue at the front of a classroom presenting to a group of students, the back of whose heads are visible

Derreck Robinson '93 has three goals in life that defined his experience as a student at LeBow and continue to guide his dedication to current LeBow students.