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How to Install FactSet Workstation

FactSet provides financial data and analysis for financial professionals, including investment managers, hedge funds and investment bankers. It consolidates data on global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed-income portfolios.

Before you Begin

By default, when you request a FactSet account (Requesting a FactSet Account) you are only given access to FactSet Connect, the online portal for browsing FactSet data. However, our license allows for all LCB faculty and students to use FactSet’s locally installed desktop software known as FactSet Workstation. Follow the directions below to request access via your account to FactSet Workstation.

  1. Send an email to FactSet Academic Support indicating your request for access to FactSet Workstation that includes the following information:
    • your official Drexel email address
    • your full name
    • your expected date of graduation
    • your FactSet username
  2. Once you request has been approved, FactSet will notify you via email.

## Installing FactSet Workstation
  1. Browse to
  2. Sign on using your FactSet credentials.
  3. Under WORKSTATION, select Download.
  4. Under APPLICATIONS, select FactSet (General Release).
  5. Select the version of FactSet appropriate for your computer.
  6. Browse to the location on your computer where you downloaded the installer.
  7. Launch the FactSet_Setup installer.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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