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Updating Start Dates, Due Dates, and Post Dates for Turnitin Assignments

There are times when you may need to change the Start Date, Due Date, or Post Date after a Turnitin Direct assignment has been created. This process is especially useful after copying course materials from a previous term’s Blackboard course shell.

Step By Step

  1. Log into the Blackboard LEARN course where the Turnitin Direct assignment has been posted
  2. Navigate to the folder or area within the course where the Turnitin dropbox is located
  3. Under the assignment name, click on the View Assignment link
  4. From the assignment’s "Submissions Inbox," click on the blue pencil icon in the "Tools" module:
  5. screen capture of Turnitin pencil icon
  6. Use the calendar icon to the right of the Start Date, Due Date, and Post Date to make changes to each deadline. The Post Date refers to when the Turnitin report and grade comments will be available to students.
  7. Click Update Parts to save your changes

For more information on Turnitin Direct assignments, please contact the LeBow Instructional Tech Services team.
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