Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)

Collaborating group of people.

Executive MBA Program Delivery and Details

The EMBA curriculum is built around 19 courses encompassing 22 disciplines – presented within seven different types of executive learning experiences – including classroom, online supplemental sessions, residencies, team projects and international immersion experiences – plus elective courses encompassing your choice of six disciplines.

Executive MBA On-Campus Experience

Classes are typically clustered into full-day sessions at LeBow with meals provided (early morning beverages and light fare; break refreshments; lunch; and afternoon refreshments). Two of the residencies are multi-day immersion programs where students are housed in The Study Hotel on campus, with meals provided. The remaining immersion experiences are also multi-day programs but do not require overnight stays.

Online EMBA Learning Experience

Online supplemental sessions are self-scheduled and include recorded lectures and resources, along with reading materials.

Executive MBA International Residency

The international immersion trip includes insightful business visits and lectures; all transportation, housing and meals are included in the cost of the program.

EMBA Academic Rigor

The Drexel EMBA program was created for professionals and executives who set high standards for themselves. Our students are selected based in part on the possession of qualities such as initiative, self-motivation, resilience after failure, and the ability to adapt, overcome and make good judgments under pressure.

Our graduates report finishing the program having far broader understanding and perspective and a level of proven confidence that will empower them for their entire career.

If you’d like to learn more about why you should get an executive MBA, we invite you to contact Mark Dierkes at 215.571.3272 or mdierkes@drexel.edu for more information.