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Executive MBA Course Curriculum & Plan of Study

EMBA students in class

The Drexel EMBA course curriculum was built from the ground up specifically to streamline the time you’ll be expected to be on campus taking classes. By incorporating online studies, reading and preparation time into your EMBA schedule, you can easily integrate the curriculum into your work and personal life.

The EMBA calendar below represents the entire six-quarter calendar – 16 months of study delivered over three calendar years.

The program’s hybrid curriculum amplifies LeBow’s rigorous and relevant courses through immersive experiential residencies in an executive education format. Designed to leverage executives’ industry experience and previous learning, each EMBA term has a theme to enhance connection to the integrated content across disciplines while fostering critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making. Integrated term themes include: 

  • Strategic Value and Financial Impact
  • Analytical Leadership and Data-driven Decisions
  • Global Impact
  • Managing the Value Chain
  • Technology Innovation and Competitive Advantage
  • Strategy, Implementation and Leading Change

View or download the 2022-2024 EMBA calendar (PDF)

EMBA Cohort 31 Plan of Study

Fall Quarter 2022: Strategic Value & Financial Impact

Course Title Credits Dates Format
FIN T680 Value Creation Across the Enterprise 4 Sept. 20-24, 2022 On-campus residency
MKTG 510 Marketing Strategy 2 Nov. 3-4, 2022 On-campus residency
MGMT 520 Strategy Analysis 2 Nov. 5-6, 2022 On-campus residency

Winter Quarter 2023: Analytical Leadership & Data-driven Decisions

Course Title Credits Dates Format
ORGB 640 Negotiations for Leaders 3 Jan. 20-22, 2023 Virtual residency
ORGB 510 Leading in Dynamic Environments 2 Feb. 17-Feb. 19, 2023 On-campus residency
BSAN 601 Intro to Business Analytics 3 Jan. 9-March 18, 2023 Online asynchronous

Spring Quarter 2023: Global Impact

Course Title Credits Dates Format
BUSN T680 Executive Electives (2) 2 Apr. 13-16, 2023 On-campus/virtual residency
ECON T680 Global Economy: Navigating the Business Environment 3 May 4-13, 2023 (tentative) Global Residency
FIN 601 Corporate Financial Management 3 April 3 - June 10 Online asynchronous

Summer Quarter 2023: Managing the Value Chain

Course Title Credits Dates Format
BUSN T680 Executive Electives (3) 3 June 27-29, 2023 On-campus/virtual residency
ACCT 603 Strategic Cost Management 3 Aug. 4-6, 2023 On-campus residency
POM 510 Operations and Supply Chain Management 2 June 26 - Sept. 2 Online asynchronous

Fall Quarter 2023: Tech Innovation & Competitive Advantage

Course Title Credits Dates Format
BUSN T680 Design Thinking for Executives 2 Sept. 22-24, 2023 On-campus residency
MIS T680 Digital Transformation and Integrated Business Strategy 3 Oct. 27-29, 2023 Virtual residency
ECON 601 Managerial Economics 3 Sept. 18 - Dec. 2 Online asynchronous

Winter Quarter 2024: Strategy, Implementation & Leading Change

Course Title Credits Dates Format
MGMT T680 Strategic Management and Implementation 3 Jan. 11-13, 2024 Virtual residency
BUSN T680 Executive Capstone 3 Jan. 25-27, 2024 On-campus residency

Total Credits: 46

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