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Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, ’21

Executive MBA

Why I chose Drexel’s EMBA Program:

I’m from Hispanic heritage, and diversity and inclusion is important to me; and as someone who went to Drexel for my undergraduate degree, I knew it was a place where I would be able to be with people with different experiences and backgrounds. I had been in industry for a while, and I didn’t want a traditional program: I wanted to be immersed in a class with folks who had been in the industry for a while where we could talk about experiences and learn from each other, and that’s why I decided to go pursue the Executive MBA at Drexel.

What I gained:

I was able to use the lessons and skills learned and apply them directly into my work as early as two weeks into the EMBA program. Overall, I became more marketable. I wasn’t just seen as a scientist of diversity expert; I now had this heavy business knowledge behind me that I was able to leverage into new opportunities. As a Hispanic woman it has been challenging in a male dominated field as a scientist so going through this program and building relationships with people from all walks of life gave me the confidence to know that I can bring my full self to the conversation, and I can take on a challenge with diverse groups and still come out with respect.

The Drexel Network:

I created relationships that allowed me to feel more confident in my career by creating friendships with people from my cohort whom I’ve been able to seek council from in our careers and on a personal level. The connections you build in this program enable you to receive impactful advice and wisdom, and I’m forever grateful and thankful to have this incredible family of colleagues that I will be part of for the rest of my life.