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Executive Student Stories
Erin Pipech headshot
Erin Pipech, ’23
Executive MBA

Erin Pipech '23 found Drexel’s EMBA program and with it the tools and relationships to take her learning to the new levels and new countries.

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez headshot
Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, ’21
Executive MBA

Adriana Zupa-Fernandez '21 wanted an immersive program that prioritized diverse experiences and voices. That's why she chose Drexel LeBow's Executive MBA.

Danesha Chisholm landscape headshot
Danesha Chisholm, ’22
Executive DBA

Dr. Danesha Chisholm ’22 credits the DBA program with providing her the edge needed to acquire her current job; global senior compliance manager at Microsoft.

Sarah Lockley
Sarah Lockley, ’22
Executive MBA

Determination has driven Sarah Lockley, EMBA ’22, a trait learned at an early age from her parents, who are United States Army veterans.

Mike Cosenza
Mike Cosenza, ’22
Executive MBA

With a constant thirst for knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Michael Cosenza, EMBA ’22, was destined to run a business.

Matt Kessler in GHall
Matt Kessler, ’19
Executive MBA

Matt Kessler, EMBA ’19, knew early on that he wanted to have a career in sports. He's spent more than 15 years working for his hometown team, the Phillies.

Steve Washkalavitch
Steve Washkalavitch, ’15
Executive MBA

Steve Washkalavitch, EMBA ’15, enrolled with the goal to help grow the company he worked for and instead gained the confidence to start his own business.

Melinda Emerson
Melinda Emerson, ’20
Executive MBA

Bestselling author. Keynote speaker. President and CEO. Entrepreneur. Melinda Emerson, MBA ’20, goes by a lot of titles but there was one missing — educator.

Jim Viscusi
Jim Viscusi, ’21
Executive MBA

Viscusi has worked at Oracle since 1996 and has held various positions along the way, from a consulting member of their technical staff to director roles.

Ana Aguilar
Ana Aguilar, ’16
Executive MBA

For Ana Aguilar, EMBA ’16, it’s about people, systems and processes. Not just about the bottom line; it’s about leaving places better than how she found them.

H. Adam Holt
Adam Holt, ’04
Executive Master’s in Business Administration

H. Adam Holt took his company, Asset Map, from a startup to a $3 million company.

Michael Horton
Michael Horton, ’20
Executive DBA

Michael Horton brought business experience in military, engineering and government to LeBow’s Doctorate in Business Administration program.

Sandra Anglin-Caldwell
Sandra Anglin-Caldwell, ’09
Executive MBA

She credits her LeBow EMBA for helping her identify the delicate balance between analytics and relationship building, strategy and teamwork in her career.

Rob Nedumakel
Rob Nedumakel, ’18
Executive MBA

Two Philadelphia institutions – Comcast and Drexel – have helped shape Rob Nedumakel's life and career in significant ways.

Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson, ’08
BS in Business Administration; Executive MBA

For Thompson, pursuing his Executive MBA was a necessity to keep his family business going strong as they grow with a new business partner, Patti LaBelle.