Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)

Executive MBA students working together

Collaborative Learning

The Drexel LeBow College of Business EMBA program emphasizes a collaborative, group education environment tailored to managers seeking leadership skills to advance to executive-level roles. Each seasoned professional accepted into the cohorted EMBA program brings a unique perspective which makes for lively, informative discussions around important topics in business. Carefully formed for diversity of backgrounds and industries, teams of four to six members of your executive leadership cohort progress through the EMBA program together. You trade hard-earned industry insight, benefit from their areas of expertise and share your own. Progressing through  this cohort experience of working hard and achieving success forms a new network of lifelong relationships.

Why a cohort?

Because its proven to give you the necessary support, ensuring success in the program.

Within your cohort, you are placed you in a team of four to six students who progress through the academic program together. The group will be from diverse industries or areas of expertise, allowing you to trade hard-earned industry insight with your peers and benefit from each of their individual points of view. The format is designed to give you a social and professional network that will help you through the program, but will also develop into professional resources and lifetime relationships.

Learn more about the Executive MBA cohort experience in this video.


Additional networking opportunities outside of your cohort allow you to build connections that will support your progress through the program and your career. For example, during the winter term, EMBA first and second year cohorts come together for a networking event. Another opportunity for networking is through the annual EMBA Summit, which brings together current students and EMBA alumni.