Executive MBA ​Program (EMBA)

Executive MBA student

Experiential Learning ​and Entrepreneurship

Experiential learning as part of the Executive MBA degree program means more than just bringing speakers to you. At Drexel LeBow, this is a method of teaching and an entrepreneurial attitude ingrained in our students and faculty. We don’t just learn theory, we test it, question the answers and apply it in the classroom and out.

Experiential learning is a theme threaded throughout each of our courses. Our top professors engage students in project-based learning objectives. This includes special projects, case studies, oral presentations and online chats. Experiential modules are also interwoven into the program. These are centered around innovative “thinking and doing” that focus on leadership and decision-making topics geared specifically for executives, managers and entrepreneurs .

Some hands-on learning opportunities popular among EMBA students include the following courses:

  • Business Problem Solving
  • Business Simulations
  • International Residencies
  • Negotiations
  • Non-profit Business Consulting

Business Simulation - Managing and Leading the Total Enterprise (MGMT 530)

Drexel Executive MBA students develop their management skills by taking a business simulation residency course. Students are placed in teams of five to assume leadership of their own business in a competitive environment. They manage their company through expansion, releasing new products, raising capital and achieving success against agile and capable competitors. A dynamic total enterprise simulation puts students in the board room with a team of professionals who will work together to use critical thinking to guide your company through several simulated years of operations. Students will know, sense, experience and understand the challenges that business leaders confront and overcome on a regular basis. This experiential learning course will provide you with the ability to integrate cardinal business concepts for managing the total enterprise and unmatched practical experience in applying your knowledge, making better business decisions and measuring your success. This exhilarating experience enables our students to hone their leadership, decision-making and presentation skills over a three-day period.

International Residency - Seminar in International Business (INTB 790)

The goal of the 10-day international residency for executive students is to uncover the challenges of conducting business abroad, particularly in a transitioning economy. This course is delivered either as an international consulting experience or a collection of visits to large multi-national companies and small start-up businesses. Past destinations included Cuba, Peru and Beijing/Shanghai. This course, requires students to present the results of research on the application of theory to contemporary economic, political and social problems as they affect US business operations abroad.

Negotiations for Leaders (ORGB 640)

In one of our most popular courses, Executive MBA students develop practical negotiation skills that can be applied in professional and personal situations. It is designed specifically for leaders to enhance their leadership negotiation style. The material is geared toward developing leaders as they deal with the art and science of securing agreements and resolving disputes. The course combines a theoretical understanding of the central concepts of negotiations with learned analytical skills to discover optimal solutions to problems (the science) and good negotiation skills to get these solutions accepted and implemented (the art). The class is delivered in a residency format which allows students to engage with one another in a variety of negotiation situations.

Non-profit Business Consulting (BUSN 715)

Drexel Executive MBA students collaborate with non-profit organizations and provide consulting services. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to work on a live project with a company in the region. They allow students to tackle real business issues and provide data analysis in a concentrated time frame. Student teams, with the support of advisors and faculty, will focus their energy on helping clients achieve new insights to business challenges. Past clients have included Project Home, the Please Touch Museum and Philadelphia Theater Company. This resume-building experience is ideal for executives who wish to serve on a non-profit board of trustees.