Experiential Learning for Graduate Students

Graduate Students Presenting at the Front of the Classroom

Graduate Program Business Simulation Training

Business simulations in the college classroom provide an excellent platform for students to bridge the divide between theory and real world application by applying business development and training concepts to the reality of running a business. Business simulation training provides students a safe environment to experiment with many facets of business, including decision-making, strategy formation and teamwork. Students transition from knowing what to do to actual application.

Graduate students participate in simulations through their core curriculum and case competitions that offer a real-world market environment with students, working in teams, compete against each other.

The lessons students gain from simulations drive them to make quick, yet insightful, business decisions and to develop teamwork skills. Many top corporations use business simulations as part of their training programs for their top employees; our students can gain a competitive advantage in the recruiting season by telling stories about their experience in the classroom.