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International Student Services

Drexel LeBow’s Graduate Career Services is committed to providing resources and services in career coaching, workshops and programs to address the specific needs of our global and diverse student population.

Resources and Tools

Following are a list of online and on-campus resources available to international students:

International Student Seminar

An online career training series available 24/7 that focuses on issues specifically geared for international students including visa sponsorship, networking and U.S. business communications.

Learn more at International Student Seminar

U.S. Work Authorization & Employment Visa Options

Off-Campus Work Authorization and Employment Visa Options: it is essential for international students carrying an F-1 visa to understand when and how they can start working off-campus.

Students need to be able to articulate their student visa work authorization options and their employment visa options to employers, as not all U.S. employers are experienced in hiring international candidates.

If you have detailed questions on student visa work authorization options, please consult with your career advisor or the Office of International Students and Scholars Services.

Connect with Us

The Graduate Career Services team is here to answer any questions you have about how your graduate degree can advance your career. We look forward to hearing from you.

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