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Career Conversations with Kelly

The Career Conversations with Kelly podcast provides an exclusive look into the lives and careers of professionals at the top of their fields. Focusing on the challenges and triumphs that have led each guest to their current position, the series provides a more personalized guide to navigating today’s working world.

Join Assistant Director for Graduate Career Services Kelly Deily and special guests as they explore what makes a successful career.

A conversation with Donna De Carolis, Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University

Episode 6

Kelly Deily talks with Dean Donna De Carolis, founding Dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship about why there is an entrepreneur in all of us.

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A conversation with KPMG Account Relationship Director Sean Hand

Episode 5

Kelly Deily talks with Sean Hand, Account Relationship Director at KPMG and Host of the Awkward Networker podcast, about awkward networking experiences and tips to boost your confidence.

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A conversation with Stepwise Analytics Founder and CEO Stacey Mosley

Episode 4

Kelly Deily talks with Stacey Mosley, founder and chief executive officer of StepWise Analytics, about real-estate analytics and her journey in becoming an entrepreneur.

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A conversation with Select Greater Philadelphia Executive Director Matt Cabrey

Episode 3

Kelly Deily talks with Matt Cabrey, executive director of Select Greater Philadelphia and host of the Growing Greater Philadelphia podcast.

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A conversation with CompassRed Founder Patrick Callahan

Episode 2

Kelly Deily talks with Patrick Callahan, Founder of CompassRed and Drexel Alum, about failure, the future of analytics, and internship opportunities with his company.

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