BS/MBA Dual Degree Program


BS/MBA Dual Degree Program

Drexel LeBow’s BS/MBA program provides academically qualified undergraduate students with the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA within five years of study. Graduating with an MBA and an undergraduate degree provides students with a competitive edge when entering the job market without having the time constraints of typical degree pursuits. This program is offered to all students pursuing a bachelor of science in business administration as well as students from select undergraduate programs across the university.

Application Procedure

The BS/MBA program requires a two-tiered application process which includes both undergraduate and graduate requirements. All applicants are required to complete a BS/MBA Accelerated Degree Application available through the undergraduate BS/MBA advisor for each college.

A plan of study/sequence sheet must be completed for each applicant with the assistance of their undergraduate BS/MBA advisor to ensure that all undergraduate degree requirements are met within the required four years. Both documents must be submitted together for approval and processing.

Undergraduate Application Requirements

At the undergraduate level, a provisional BS/MBA attribute code will be placed on the student record at the time of admission. Once the student has accumulated 90 credits, an Accelerated Degree Application must be completed before reaching 120 credits, at which time a BS/MBA code will be placed on the application.

Eligible Undergraduate Programs

LeBow College of Business

  • Business Administration (all majors except Business and Engineering and General Business.)
  • Economics

Antoinette Westphal College of Media and Design

  • Design & Merchandising
  • Entertainment & Arts Management
  • Music Industry

College of Nursing and Health Professions

  • Culinary Arts and Science
  • Hospitality Management

Internal and Transfer Application Requirements

For internal and transfer students, an Accelerated Degree Application must be completed between 90 to 120 credit hours with the student’s undergraduate advisor.

Graduate Application Requirements

Graduate application materials should be submitted to the respective BS/MBA undergraduate advisor no later than March 1 of the student’s final undergraduate year. All applications are then reviewed for provisional acceptance to the graduate portion of the BS/MBA program. Student status in the BS/MBA program will remain provisional pending successful completion of all undergraduate degree requirements as well as MBA application requirements.

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA throughout undergraduate studies
  • One letter of recommendation (academic or co-op/professional)
  • Current resume reflecting co-op experience and/or part-time work experience
  • Personal statement

GMAT/GRE Requirements

Given their academic and co-op/professional experience, all BS/MBA students will be reviewed for waivers of normal MBA standardized testing requirements when they submit the above materials. At that time, LeBow Graduate Admissions will review each applicant’s academic history and co-op/professional experience to determine waiver eligibility within 2-3 weeks. Any applicant who is not eligible for a waiver can work with LeBow Graduate Admissions to complete the LeBow Quantitative Assessment, an in-house exam offered by LeBow free of charge in lieu of normal standardized testing requirements to assess candidates ability for success in graduate level coursework. LeBow Graduate Admissions will contact any candidates who are required to complete the LeBow Quantitative Assessment to provide additional information on test content, preparation, scheduling, and other logistical information.

Graduate Courses in Senior Year

Students applying for the BS/MBA Accelerated Degree Program are eligible to take up to nine MBA credits in their senior year following the Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses policy. Students will be informed of their eligibility and course availability when completing the provisional application.