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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Drexel LeBow student talking with an academic advisor

Our academic advisors are here to help guide students through their Drexel LeBow course of study. The advising team is available to provide all students with assistance with everything from registering for the right courses to evaluating study abroad opportunities, completing the correct forms and preparing for graduation and career.

How to Meet With an Academic Advisor

Academic advisors are available through email, for virtual appointments via Zoom (video or voice meeting) or for in-person meetings from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Earlier and later appointments are available by request.

Steps to Meet With Your Academic Advisor Virtually

  • Make an appointment with your advisor through your Drexel One Portal.
  • Select the in-person or virtual appointment depending on your availability and the open appointment types.
  • If you choose a virtual appointment, your advisor will reach out to you via your Drexel email with the Zoom link prior to your meeting. Click on the link in the email to join the session.
  • If you choose an in-person appointment, please sign in at the front desk on the 3rd floor of Gerri C. LeBow Hall when you arrive.

In line with our normal business protocols, please give advisors 24 to 48 hours to respond to emails; however, response times will likely be quicker.

Our advisors will get to know you individually as you progress through your education. They will help you become skillful problem solvers and experienced decision makers well-positioned to emerge as the business leaders of the future.

Meet the Drexel LeBow Undergraduate Advising Team

Academic Planning

Declaring a Major

To declare or change a major or minor, please schedule a meeting with your LeBow Academic Advisor to initiate the process.

Contact the Undergraduate Advising Office at or 215.895.2110 with any questions.

Registration and Scheduling

Full-Time Status

Students must register between 12-20 credits each quarter to maintain full-time status. Students taking fewer than three courses per quarter are considered part-time students. There is no formal procedure for changing between full-time and part-time status — you may adjust your course load depending on your needs and interests.

International students must maintain full-time status for visa requirements; visit for more information.

There are also ramifications for part-time vs. full-time status for students seeking tuition support via loans, grants, etc. For more information, contact Drexel Central at 215.895.1600 or submit an e-mail inquiry via

Academic Policies

Drexel University, under the guidance of the Offices of the Provost and Student Life, has established guidelines for academic and social conduct, and most of these are available online through the following resources:

In addition to the University-wide policies, there are a number of federal and college-specific policies applicable to undergraduate students:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, is a federal law that limits the information we can directly provide to the parents of our students. The law provides that Drexel University will maintain the confidentiality of student educational records, unless specifically released by the student.

Under FERPA, Drexel University officials may not disclose information about your child without his or her expressed written consent. Typically, students have the opportunity to request a FERPA waiver via DrexelOne and indicate to whom they wish to share their information. In the event that no waiver is on file, you may request that your child sign a waiver.

More information on FERPA

LeBow Policy on Accepting Transfer Credits

The Dean, faculty, and administration of Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business are constantly working to benefit our students by improving the academic quality of our degrees and enhancing the career advantage gained by our alumni.

After careful review, we have come to the conclusion that allowing LeBow students to transfer credits once they have matriculated into Drexel into their academic records causes more harm than good towards achieving their educational and career goals.

The reasons for this conclusion:

  • Degrees earned from LeBow College of Business include carefully crafted curriculum taught by our esteemed faculty, and students do not gain the full benefit of our degree by attempting these courses in another institution.
  • Students need to complete courses which are pre-requisites for other required courses at Drexel to insure that they are adequately prepared and do not disrupt their learning process.
  • While all of our students work hard to pursue academic honors, those students who transfer credits to Drexel gain an unfair advantage to earn honors over those students who diligently complete all of their course work here.
  • As the LeBow College of Business continuously expands and advances its reputation of excellence among the regional, national and international business communities, the inclusion of transfer credits within the academic records of its students diminishes the quality of our degrees and adversely impacts the positive perception of our alumni.
  • LeBow College of Business seeks to keep our graduates competitive with those of other highly-ranked business colleges, accredited by the AACSB, that do not accept transfer credits.
  • Students who are approaching their graduating term at Drexel often find the completion of their degree impeded by waiting for credits to transfer.
  • Drexel’s quarter terms, necessary for our Co-Op program, is a unique scheduling system which is not easily integrated with semester scheduling systems in other schools.
  • Entering transfer credits into our students’ records may cause an adverse and unexpected change in their billing status.
  • Students may earn credit for a required course by completing that class at Drexel with a grade of C-, but receiving such a grade in a similar class at another institution will not be accepted for transfer.
  • Students may still enter LeBow College of Business by transferring credits from another school, but after beginning classes at Drexel these students may no longer transfer further credits to their records.
  • If a student believes that they have a compelling reason to request permission to transfer a course, they may appeal their reasons to the LeBow Undergraduate Advising Center for consideration. The Dean of LeBow College of Business reserves the final decision on granting an exception to this policy.
Readmission and Reinstatement Policy

LeBow College of Business policies supplement and, in some cases, may be more restrictive than Drexel University policy. LeBow encourages all students to familiarize themselves with both the College and University policies.

All students who wish to apply for readmission are required to apply via the Office of Admissions. The Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications for readmission to Drexel, following program guidelines.

Prior to applying for readmission students must:

  • Review holds
  • Review SAP status
  • Apply for financial aid

For more information on the readmission process, visit Drexel Central.

Reinstatement Policy

Please refer to Drexel University’s Academic Standing Policy for further information.

LeBow Policy on Undergraduate Students taking Graduate Courses

Undergraduate LeBow Students taking Graduate Courses

LeBow has developed the following guidelines in accordance with the Undergraduate Students taking Graduate Courses policy.

This policy provides high-performing undergraduate LeBow students with the opportunity to enroll in select graduate-level courses to enrich their academic experience by exploring advanced subject areas.


  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Junior or senior standing
  • Good academic standing
  • Enrolled in at least 12 undergraduate credits per quarter

Approval Process

  • Students must obtain approval from their undergraduate academic advisor
  • Enrollment is based on available space
  • Please see your advisor for more information on how to register

Course Application

Students can leverage graduate coursework in three ways:

  1. Accelerated/Combined Degree Programs: Undergraduate LeBow students provisionally accepted into an accelerated or combined degree program must follow their approved plan of study which specifically prescribes which graduate courses the student will take and when.
    • Graduate credits earned (with a B or better) do not fulfill the requirements of the student’s undergraduate degree.
  2. Fulfilling Undergraduate Electives: Approved graduate courses can be used to satisfy undergraduate elective requirements.
  3. Preparation for Future Graduate Studies: Graduate credits (with a B or better) can be applied to a future graduate program at LeBow only if the graduate credits do not fulfill the requirements for an undergraduate degree.

Financial Aid Considerations

Students receiving federal financial aid should consult with Drexel Central to understand the potential impact of graduate coursework on their aid eligibility.

Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss course options and obtain approval. Note that not all courses are available for undergraduates, and additional department approval may be required.

This policy is effective immediately. LeBow undergraduates are encouraged to explore this exciting opportunity to broaden their academic horizons.

Connect with Us

Our academic advisors are here to help guide students on every step of their undergraduate education at LeBow. Please contact us with questions.

Jacqueline McCurdy

Senior Director, Undergraduate Student Services

(215) 895-6287

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