Undergraduate Advising

Academic Assistance

Need help? LeBow offers a number of academic support services to help our scholars succeed along with University-wide resources to aid student success.


Tutoring services for undergraduate students are offered in the following areas of study:

  • Accounting
  • Decision Sciences
  • Economics
  • Finance

Campus Academic Support

In an effort to encourage academic excellence, Drexel offers a variety of resources to provide academic support. The university’s academic support offices foster growth through tutoring services, workshops, and encouragement.

Disability Resources (ODR)
ODR is Drexel’s resource for students with documented disabilities to give support, to ensure equal treatment and provide on-campus access to a variety of resources.

Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS)
The Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS) empowers students to develop skills and strategies that foster academic success and personal growth through purposeful interactions with peer and professional staff. They provide academic coaching, tutoring and workshops.

Math Resource Center
Housed in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Mathematics department, the Math Resource Center provides math tutoring.

Writing Center
Undergraduate students can receive guidance from the Drexel Writing Center for any project with a written component. Face-to-face or online sessions with peer and faculty reviewers are available, as well as an email response service. The Writing Center also hosts workshops for advanced undergraduate students.

English Language Center
The English Language Center provides the highest quality English language instruction and support services to English language learners and supports the mission of Drexel in preparing and supporting international students to participate fully in the university community.

Drexel Libraries
Drexel University Libraries is a learning enterprise dedicated to providing access to authoritative information regardless of format, to building learning environments, to making connections across disciplines to connect individuals with scholarship and to modeling an entrepreneurial organization. With four physical locations and a dynamic online presence, the Libraries has 61 full time employees serving a Drexel community of over 25,000. In 2014, the Libraries facilitated access to over two million items, welcomed over 1 million visits to physical libraries and hosted over 6,000 reference consultations.

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides individual counseling and short-term therapy, crisis counseling, workshops, consultation and outreach and further referrals.

Drexel Peer Counseling Helpline
Sunday to Thursday, 8 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Feeling depressed, stressed out, need help with personal issues? Having trouble eating or sleeping? The Peer Counseling Helpline is a confidential, anonymous free peer support line established by and for Drexel Students to provide information, peer support, and referrals. The Helpline is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who wish to share a problem, need information or just want to talk to an unbiased listener.

The Peer Counseling Helpline is staffed and managed by trained student volunteers. These students are knowledgeable about the variety of campus resources which are available to provide assistance. It is not staffed by professional counselors nor is it a crisis hotline. In case of emergency, utilize the mental health and medical emergency contacts provided.

Students turn to the Helpline for a wide range of issues. Calls often address academic concerns, relationship difficulties, loneliness, sexual health issues, stress, drug/alcohol questions or sexuality issues. The Peer Counseling Helpline is available to provide an unbiased, supportive, listening environment. Some issues are uncomfortable to discuss even with close friends or family. The Helpline’s confidentiality and anonymity provide a forum in which feelings can be comfortably expressed.