Drexel LeBow Freshman Experience

Undergraduate academic advising

First-year Student Academic Advising

Fall Class Schedule

Incoming first-year students are scheduled for their first term of classes by the college. A working schedule will be available near the end of July. The schedule will not be finalized until September 8.

This set schedule in the fall is created to ensure students have a successful transition to university life. Adjustments are not made for first term freshmen. (Please note that exceptions are made if there are religious reasons why a student is making this request). As a result, we do not add additional classes to a students’ already full 16 to 17 credit schedule.

Students interested in language courses welcome to take placement tests in the fall, so they are ready to take language class during the winter term or later on.

Advisors work directly with the Athletics Department to create all student-athletes’ fall term schedule. Please keep in mind adjustments will be happening through September 8. If there is a necessary adjustments on a schedule, the student should email Jackie McCurdy by September 1, so the advisor in charge of student-athletes’ scheduling is made aware.

AP Course Credits

LeBow accept AP scores of a 4 or 5 with the exception of economics, which requires an AP score of 5. Please check with the College Board to see if scores have been sent to Drexel. Contact Undergraduate Advising to ensure all AP scores have been received.

Placement Exams

All BS in Business Administration and BS in Economics students will be registered to take a Math Placement Exam prior to fall term. However if a student opts to take Calculus Placement Test, they should contact Jackie McCurdy to ensure they are registered for the Calculus Placement Exam.

All BS in Business and Engineering students will be registered to take the Calculus Placement Exam and the Chemistry Placement Exam.

Community College Transfer Credits

Ensure that all official transcripts from the community college have been sent to Drexel University. Please contact Undergraduate Advising if you have taken any college level courses in high school to ensure eligible credits be transferred to Drexel.

Transcripts should be sent to the following address:
Drexel University Application Processing
P.O. Box 34789
Philadelphia, PA 19101

Additional Academic Questions

Additional academic information can be found on the Undergraduate Advising section of the website.