Apply to BRIDGE

The LeBow BRIDGE Program is a learning community that supports underrepresented minority students through enriching experiences, mentorship and purposeful programming. The Program is built on four pillars: academic excellence, community service, financial literacy, and social engagement. Through innovative and experiential programming such as academic advising and coaching; corporate exposure, workshops, professional development, trips; specialized courses; and more, LeBow BRIDGE redefines the campus experience.

The Advisory Board will review your application for acceptance or denial into BRIDGE. If accepted, you will join BRIDGE under an initial one-term probationary period where the Advisory Board and BRIDGE Scholars will seek to understand your level of commitment, fit within the culture, and academic performance. After one-month; if approved, you will be a full standing member of BRIDGE.

Applicant Information
Submit up to two names/email addresses of current BRIDGE Scholars who can serve as a reference for you.
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