Sarah W. Soong

Vice President and Treasurer
Xcel Energy

Sarah Soong is an expert in capital structuring whose transactional background gives her unique insight into managing assets to generate lasting shareholder value. She draws on decades of front-line management responsibility and superior negotiation skills to deliver outcomes which prioritize long term asset stewardship.

Sarah is the Vice President and Treasurer of Xcel Energy, a utility holding company with a market capitalization of $32 billion and an enterprise value of $50 billion. Sarah’s role at Xcel Energy includes responsibility for capital financings at the parent holding company and its four operating subsidiaries, including annual equity and fixed income security issuances. Sarah and the Treasury Department are responsible for Excel’s financial integrity, cash and liquidity management, hazard insurance, investment management for $9 billion in pensions and trusts, debt compliance and financial governance. Under her leadership, Xcel Energy executes a $5 billion annual capital expenditure program supported by $2-3 billion of annual securities issuances. In 2019, Sarah issued her second “Green Bond,” which brought her total Green Bond issuances to $1.0 billion as well as that bond being the 4th lowest coupon 30-year corporate bond in history (3.20%).

Sarah joined Xcel from Oncor Electric Delivery, where she served as the Vice President and Treasurer for the largest electric transmission and distribution utility in Texas. Prior to Oncor, as Vice President, Project Finance, at Hunt Consolidated, one of her transactions was awarded “Deal of the Year” by numerous industry publications, including Project Finance Magazine and Infrastructure Journal.

Previously, as Manager, Global Finance & Treasury at Enron, she led a Tokyo team that obtained Japanese loans as part of a $1.8 billion financing which earned the “Asian Power Deal of the Year” award. Sarah began her career in banking as a consultant with N. M. Rothschild on behalf of Československá Obchodní Banka (ČSOB) in the Czech Republic and moved on from there to ABN Amro Bank as a Global Relationship Manager.

Sarah holds an MBA from The Wharton School, where she was Citibank Scholar, an MA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BA from William and Mary. She is also certified as an Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor (CIRA). Sarah currently serves on the Greater Twin Cities United Way Board and is a member of its Finance and Human Capital Committee. She served on the Boards of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, YWCA Dallas and the United Way Dallas Tocqueville Society. She is proficient in French and Czech and has transacted business in more than twenty countries.