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Dr. Orakwue Arinze, Professor at Drexel University

Dr. Orakwue Arinze, Professor at Drexel University

Gerri C. LeBow Hall
3220 Market Street
Rm. 209
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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Title: A Research Agenda for the use of IoT technologies in the Supply Chain

Abstract: The Internet of Things or IoT is a system of connected devices embedded with sensors that collect, process and exchange data. It uses the existing Internet infrastructure based on ipv4 and ipv6. The IoT framework is transforming entire industries, creating “smart” cities, and transforming the way we live, travel, manufacture, transport and consume products.

From smart appliances, lighting, meters and air conditioning to location trackers, IoT enables major firms and smaller businesses alike to transform supply chains and make them more responsive, efficient, intelligent and easier to monitor and control. The use of millions of ever-cheaper sensors also provides a treasure trove of data that empowers the use of analytics in supply chain management and in tactical and strategic planning in organizations.

This presentation presents an overview of the transformations that are already taking place in supply chain management as a result of IoT-based systems. It examines the technologies, business processes, use cases, and impacts of the IoT on both local and extended supply chains. It goes on to present major issues around IoT in the supply chain and proposes a set of major research questions that are deemed critical for both practitioners and academics seeking to understand and deploy IoT in organizations.

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This event is part of the Decision Sciences Seminar Series series.