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Apr 2

Corporate Governance and Risk: Learning From Fraud, Failure, and Scandals

This event is part of the EMBA Electives Week series.

Delivery Method: In Person


Gerri C. LeBow Hall
3220 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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General: $200.00

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Firms today are under increasing pressure as they face threats from trade wars and political instability, slow growth, business-model disruptions, and an ever-changing regulatory climate. In addition, firms face heightened scrutiny from shareholders, activists, regulators, media, and boards, demanding leaders create strong corporate value. The threat of failure is high, with household brands stumbling. From Kraft-Heinz losing 25% of its market share in one day, to firms like Target, Facebook, Capital One, and AMCA (Quest/LabCorp) experiencing security breaches, firms are more susceptible to poor public responses. These failures suggest good governance matters. Boards and corporate leaders need a strong corporate governance framework to maintain effective decision making and enhance corporate value.

This executive course will address critical issues in governance from a broad perspective and explore how they drive value and impact daily lives. Key topics covered will include best practices in governance, how governance impacts you directly, and examining real life scandals/crises. This course uses an experiential approach, relying on “grenades,” real-life cases, and interactive discussions and exercises. This approach will allow students to better understand and evaluate the decision-making processes behind corporate governance events. Particular emphasis will be placed on learning from past governance mistakes and why it is fundamental to a firm’s mission.

Tentative Agenda

Module 1: Evaluating Corporate Governance

  • Examining why governance matters, how it is assigned, and its role in a firm’s operations
  • Grenade Exercise: Good governance, the Government, and the Boardroom

Module 2: How do Leaders Impact Corporate Governance?

  • How to identify good governance and evaluate it from a stakeholder perspective
  • Grenade Exercise: Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Employment

Module 3: Corporate Governance Defense and Takeovers

  • Identifying the role that governance plays as a defense mechanism and in mergers
  • Grenade Exercise: Governance in a Crisis

Module 4: What Makes Good Corporate Governance?

  • Analyzing governance and risk and their role in fraud and deception
  • Grenade Exercise: Hiding in Plain Sight – Good or Bad Governed Firms?


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