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Apr 3

Neurobusiness and Human Analytics: Do You Really Understand People?

This event is part of the EMBA Electives Week series.

Delivery Method: In Person


Gerri C. LeBow Hall
3220 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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General: $200.00

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If you are one of those people who gets it right, all the time, read no further. For the others, we have all faced enough instances when we have wondered about and struggled with decisions we needed to make, especially when it involved people and products. Products may show promise but still fail and people often say one thing but do another. All this uncertainty costs companies money and gives managers a headache. This is because we have often relied on asking people questions to understand them better, but it’s been proven that this is not enough!

In this executive course, participants will learn state-of-the-art frameworks on human behavior and acquire a neurophysiological toolkit to examine human behaviors and their decisions. While the focus of the course is on human decision making and an exposure to neuroscience tools, participants do not need to have prior knowledge of neuroscience, psychology or human behavior. Through use cases, the course will cover why and how a neurophysiological toolkit could address today’s business issues and provide insights on human behavior and decisions from both a psychological and a marketing consumption standpoint. This course will include multifaceted and interdisciplinary presentations involving those from an industry leader at SEI Investments Company, and faculty thought leaders from biomedical engineering, psychology and business. The group work will involve a hands-on use of some of the neurophysiological instruments to assess human behavior and decision making.

Tentative Agenda

Unit 1: Using Neuroscience to Create Value

  • Lead instructor: Russ Kliman, global leader, SEI Ventures

Unit 2: Understanding Decision Making, Problem-Solving, and Creativity in the Brain

  • Lead instructor: John Kounios, professor of psychology and director, applied cognitive & brain sciences, Drexel University

Unit 3: Understanding Consumers to Create Value

  • Lead instructor: Raj Suri, professor of marketing & vice dean for research, LeBow College of Business

Unit 4: Neuroscience Toolkit for Business and Science

  • Hasan Ayaz, associate professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, Drexel University


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Executive MBA

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