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14 West


Grace Epperson, Chief Analytics Officer


14 West



Business Challenge

14 West has grown quickly over the years while bringing in new large volumes of data from acquisitions – a growth that has led to a need for digital transformation. 14 West aimed to modernize its marketing tech stack but still had legacy systems; therefore, when trying to onboard new businesses, constraints existed regarding timetables set by stakeholders. The company’s objective was to create a solution to make this effort more scalable and flexible – a challenge of meeting demand and developing an ecosystem of data that could be viewed holistically across businesses.

Analytics Solution

14 West introduced new agile practices for its analytics initiatives. While the company traditionally used a project management workflow for tasks such as creating dashboards, it now initiates conversations with customers early in the design process to better understand their needs. The approach is major shift in thinking and enables analytics projects to be more consultative and collaborative while delivering faster results.


14 West now has processes in place to enable data fluency and data literacy in order to provide a better understanding of the BI tools and data itself. For example, the company is now better equipped to answer customer questions related to data interpretation. The impact presents an opportunity for the company to create data stewards within various businesses while democratizing advanced analytical skills.