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David Mitchell, Vice President, Digital Media, Emerging Platforms





Business Challenge

Along with its role of translating forecasts and weather warnings to actionable business insight, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions aimed to further improve performance for organizations, allowing them to produce higher revenues and lower costs while reducing risk.

Analytics Solution

AccuWeather collaborated with Google, participating in its Cloud Technology Partner Program to launch new data and analytics solutions. Using the program, organizations can view the impacts of weather on business performance to make data-driven decisions. Through proprietary statistical analytics and predictive modeling, AccuWeather analytics takes a global real-time and historical weather database based on unique datasets from around the world with observations, satellite, radar, and proprietary metrics to uncover new levels of business intelligence.


AccuWeather’s data and analytics expertise ensures that clients have the highest-demand products and services ready when and where they are needed to maximize business results. More than 240 Fortune 500 companies rely on AccuWeather to inform business decisions that create distinct competitive advantages.