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Ace Hardware


Mark Lowe, Director of Digital Marketing


Ace Hardware



Business Challenge

Recognized for superior customer experience, Ace Hardware sought to introduce a new mobile app that would strengthen customer loyalty and provide more insight into the customer journey. Although the company had a web analytics setup and webview app in place, the two systems weren’t integrated, which limited the extraction of first-party data and the ability to derive collective insights across systems. In conjunction with its new app, Ace Hardware sought to connect its customers’ web, app and in-store experiences for a complete understanding of their interactions with the company.

Analytics Solution

Ace Hardware’s app was designed using a customer interaction framework, data collection points, and embedded analytics – capturing data that allows the company to elevate customer engagement by recommending products relevant to their interests and home needs, delivering timely rewards offers and personalizing communications. In addition to its mobile app, Ace Hardware introduced a sophisticated web analytics infrastructure to collect actionable customer data from web, app and in-store engagement.


The system provides Ace Hardware with an end-to-end view of the customer journey across web, app, and in-store activity. With its new system and mobile app, Ace Hardware generated more than one million app installs, more than 150,000 new rewards accounts, and $30 million in omni-channel revenue.