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Justin Zamora, Head of Data Science


AIIR Consulting


Professional Services

Business Challenge

Annually, industry estimates say organizations invest about $3.5 billion on leadership development solutions to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Most talent leaders struggle to understand whether their efforts are producing real results. To provide clarity for our clients and other such organizations, we have established AIIRstream: an innovative process-outcome data measurement system. AIIR has built a powerful tool to help talent leaders understand and increase the effectiveness of their organization’s talent development. AIIR’s Head of Data Science, Justin P. Zamora, PhD, states, “We are the only coaching provider that built our model of coaching success around the leader’s growth and development.”

Analytics Solution

AIIRstream integrates contemporary psychological and leadership theory with data science to evaluate corporate leadership development initiatives. At its core, AIIRstream is a data-driven development tool that places a leader’s growth and development at its core to create a stepwise “chain of evidence” to demonstrate coaching effectiveness. A leader sets individual goals connected to a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). The effectiveness level for each KPI is evaluated prior to and over the course of an individual’s executive coaching engagement. These KPIs pinpoint a business’s impact areas, such as improved topline/bottom-line profitability, cost control and enhanced client/customer relationships, establishing the cornerstone to measuring coaching effectiveness. 


AIIRstream has helped ensure that 300+ corporate executives stay on track to attain their goals by the end of their engagement. Using the solution we’ve built, our team of consultants and data scientists is able to help clients manage talent pipelines, identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, as well as get the right people in the right place to make an impact. Our solution has successfully allowed clients to see what’s working, eliminate what’s not, and prove the impact of their talent development programs across the organization.