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Jeff Richardson, Chief Data Officer


Bentley Systems



Business Challenge

Today’s engineering firms are generating more information than ever before. Over the last several years, Bentley has observed an incredible shift and change of pace in digital transformation. As companies increase both their quantity and quality of data, engineering firms must find more opportunities to leverage the cloud and find a space to hold their BIM files containing hundreds of gigabytes. Within AEC, engineers are looking to improve their work in so many different aspects – policies, regulations, design standards and sustainability, to name a few. Thousands of engineers must coordinate with multiple vendors on a single project. These projects involve dozens of applications and can take many years to finalize. The cost of design and training people to use the applications can add up quickly.

Analytics Solution

As a provider of software for these users, we have a unique opportunity to help organizations become more efficient and implement more digital strategies to align with the ever-transformative world of technology. Bentley implemented a user-facing portal, complete with a streamlined data service that tackled the problem of big data for organizations. Through utilizing best-in-class cloud technology, Bentley was able to deliver results that met their users’ increasing needs around data and help organizations access this information, streamline processes and improve how they build what they build. By implementing Snowflake Data Warehouse, Azure hosting, Qlik’s QAP engine and custom APIs, Bentley helped users access their data faster and with more reliability. This effort decreased the friction users face when they perform analysis and analytics, helping them become more data driven with insights into their business that were not originally visible or easily accessible. This implementation led to a direct and immediate ROI after the ingesting, streaming and analyzing that took place building these systems.


First and foremost, the user experience has been improved for Bentley applications. With these improvements, Bentley can now provide companies with thousands to billions of bytes of data to near real-time information on how their organization utilizes Bentley software. This insight allows users to refocus their efficiencies as needed and determine where they can reduce design and development costs. The advanced data analytics can be turned into immediate optimization recommendations from Bentley to help create better, faster and more efficient infrastructure for the world.