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CA Technologies


Saum Mathur, Senior Vice President, Business Insights


CA Technologies



Business Challenge

Three years ago, CA Technologies lacked critical mass participation in its customer product communities at, where customers can gather to learn more about CA products, contribute product ideas and collaborate with their peers and CA employees.

CA Technologies needed to reduce employee costs and improve customer engagement and satisfaction by moving from a traditional customer support model of 1:1 phone calls and online support issues to a self-service model. The company implemented the Omni Channel Strategy, a hybrid customer support model with: • Assisted support through the traditional model • Partially assisted support • Self-service • Analytics and reporting across channels

CA Technologies found that across its most important product communities, 51 percent of questions were going unanswered. After 96 hours, the likelihood of a question being answered drops significantly. The company hypothesized that after this period, the customer has either moved on or has opened a support case and is no longer interested in a response from the community.

Analytics Solution

To beat the 96-hour window, the team required a new 24-48 hour window for question-to-response timing and a KPI to measure the percentage of questions resolved in two days or less. The second key measure was Communities Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).


The CA Customer Support team went from answering 22 percent of questions within 2 days to 67.5 percent within less than two days, in two years. The MTTR dropped from 11 days to 6.2 days across all questions.

Community use has grown from 2.5 million pageviews of answers in FY16 to 6.7 million in FY17, with 47 percent of answers coming from other customers. Our effective one-to-many reach has improved customer support and reduced CA support costs while transitioning to the omni-channel support model.

This honor is shared with Connie Cocroft and Hiren Dalal, Mathur’s internal business partners, as well as program leaders Jennifer Bertero and Liz Jensen.